Woodcut Art "Wildlife Animals"


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Art In Relief

Paint Cabin introduces you to this ancient method of artwork which combines four creative art forms for one magnificent result. Woodcut Art involves drawing, wood engraving (or etching), painting and the medieval form of print making. This workshop gives you the chance to try your hand at a little bit of everything.

From Paper To Print 

Paint Cabin art instructors will begin by showing you how to create a simple drawing that will be easily transformed onto your blank wood canvas. The drawing creates your carving guide after it is tattooed onto the surface of the wood block. We provide all the tools you will need to etch and carve as our instructor helps you choose the right blade to reveal your sketch in the surface of the wood. When your sketch is finally revealed in relief, you will learn how to ink and press the block resulting in a stamped print.

Art In Triplicate

Woodcut Art provides a triple reward for your efforts. You will have three forms of your creation to display. Your original sketch, relief-carved block and resulting print are three forms of one piece of artwork that you have created. Experience three times the fulfillment of your creativity.

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