Your Cabin In The City
Paint Cabin isn’t only an art studio and workshop for those wanting to expand their creative boundaries. We also want you to expand your knowledge of wine, specialty coffees and local craft brews. Our relaxed and social atmosphere will remind you of a trip to the cottage where you can sit back and enjoy yourself.

Espresso and Pie In The Sky
What would a trip to Paint Cabin be without a slice of home-baked pie? Paint Cabin features the home-made delights of Wanda’s Pie In The Sky. We will offer a selection of pies, cakes (the Mango Chiffon cheesecake is our favourite!), cupcakes, cookies, squares and much more. Or have a light and buttery gourmet croissant with a glass of wine – they really do go together!

Wine and Local Craft Beers
Paint Cabin will also be host to a large variety of international wines and independent family-owned brews. Our wine selection will change with the season, and the local craft breweries are always experimenting with new flavours, so come often and try something new each time you visit.

A Palette For Your Palate
We are a fully licensed establishment allowing you to fully enjoy your experience in an intimate, friendly and social environment.

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