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Our roast is bright and sweet with hints of caramel. Our incredibly versatile beans leave a cocoa flavor pleasantly lingering on the palate

Red Wine 6 oz9.75
Experience wine from the centre of the world! Dark, rich and sensuous, our Negromaro combines enticing notes of ripe berries and dry fruit flavours with spicy notes. Make it the 'centre' of any gathering of friends or family.
White Wine 6 oz glass9.75
Our Kitchen Zinc is a light straw colour. It has fresh tropical aromas and you will get an intense ripe melon as it hits the palate. It has a long lasting crispness reflecting gooseberry and lime on the finish.
Collingwood Brewery7.50
Saison is the colour of the golden sun. This beer has a lively carbonation which releases aromas of luscious tropical fruit. A mellow, honey sweetness is followed by a crisp, tart finish. From a backyard party to a cozy night in, this Saison is of a fine quality and for all occasions.
Clear deep golden yellow colour with medium dense head; aromas of floral hops, grain/malt with grassy and lemon notes; dry, light to medium bodied, with flavours of floral/grassy hops and malt, with citrus and herbal notes; lightly bitter on the finish.
Beaus Lug Tread8.75
Golden yellow colour with a thick head; aromas of fragant hops, citrus and roasted malt with yeasty tones; dryish, medium bodied, fresh, smooth and creamy, with forward hop and grain/cereal flavours; crisp and refreshing on the finish.

A short, intensely flavoursome and rich coffee

Espresso Macchiato$2.75

Espresso topped with a little cap of foam


Espresso diluted with hot water


A shorter and more intense caffe latte

Assorted Coke Products
Rose 6 oz9.75
This cool fermented Gamay Rose offers robust cherry on the nose followed by a lovey medium level strawberry flavour on the tongue and a light earthiness on the finish. A light bodied wine with a rich mouthfeel and fruit forward characteristics make this an ideal summer sipper!
Straight Up from the Bar
Sommersby Cider8.50
Somersby Apple is a refreshing cider made from fermented apple juice and natural apple flavouring. No artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings. It's uniquely juicy apple taste makes it a tasty and natural choice for the relaxed moments with your friends.
Flying Monkey8.00
Brewed with Canadian 2-row pale malt, Antigravity is a super-refreshing, clean-tasting, lager with a dry brush of European Saaz hops on the finish.
Moosehead Radler7.50
Moosehead Radler starts with 85% Moosehead Lager, with the addition of real grapefruit, lemon and other fruit juices. Light-bodied and refreshing with plenty of tart grapefruit flavour and herbal hops character.

Espresso with smooth steamed milk and glossy wet foam finished with a light dusting of chocolate

Caffe Mocha$3.00

An indulgent blend of espresso and hot chocolate topped with velvety steamed milk

Chai Latte$4.50

Spiced tea mixed with hot steamed milk

Assorted Lemon Lilly Tea2.75

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