Our Story







Paint Cabin is a beautiful new coffee house and art bar in Leslieville where Torontonians can tap into their artistic potential in a laid-back, social atmosphere with intimate art workshops, quality instruction, top of the line art supplies and great coffee, food, wine and beer.


We offer art workshops catered to beginner and intermediate artists in five different mediums - watercolour, acrylic paint, mixed media, sketching and woodcut art - all of which result in a cool piece of art you’ll be proud to hang in your home.

Our workshops run throughout the week and weekend, and our space also operates as a full cafe and open art studio on the weekends! Budding and professional artists alike are welcome to bring their own materials and use the easels and communal art table for as long as they like with a purchase from the cafe.

It is our goal to inspire and stimulate. We want to make fine art accessible to all those who desire it. In building Paint Cabin, we have created an atmosphere of artistic encouragement no matter your level of talent. You don’t have to be an accomplished artist of any kind to enjoy learning, discovering and uncovering your hidden abilities over a great beer, glass of wine or latte from our cafe!

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